Key Ninjas was created by locksmiths who identified the need for reliable and quick technical support in the USA. We offer a wide range of information and support, from course videos and lessons to business marketing tools.

My name is Adrian Torres and I’ve been an automotive locksmith for the past 5 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston areas. When I started as a locksmith, it was difficult to get information on specific locksmith tools to do any kind of job- and that is still true today. I learned from my mistakes most of the time, good old trial and error. I’ve started this website in order to help those who are just starting out in the locksmith business. I want to not only help beginners learn more about the process that goes into programming automotive keys, but also help experienced locksmiths learn new tips and tricks. I will be posting videos about basic EEPROM to advanced coding and programming of modules. You will learn how to extract a pin code for a VPW system to code and program a FEM module using tools as VVDI2, Autohex etc. A few of the tools we will be looking at are : AVDI (Mercedes, BMW, Mitsubishi,Porsche, Jaguar licenses), VVDI2 Full version, VVDI MB, Autohex 2 Full version, ID PRO, VVDI Prog, Car Prog, Tango, KTM, AK900, MK3, Orange 5, KEYDIY Cables, Keytool, Xprog, AutoPropad, MVP Smart Pro, AEZ Flasher 2 and many more.

As an automotive locksmith owner, I understand the importance and value of continuing to educate yourself on new technologies; therefore, I want to help you and find it crucial to improve and increase your knowledge in order to have a competitive advantage over competition in your area.

Because I earned a BA in Finance from UT Arlington, I will also be posting videos on how to manage your business to increase profit($$$), manage Inventory with a POS system (we are not talking about a notepad or an excel worksheet!), SEO tools, scheduling software (not your wife and a cellphone..), and many other topics on how to improve your business.